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About us


About us

With a heart for the environment

With a heart that beats just as strongly for the environment as it does for oral health, Sepide Hajitaheri founded Gumpearl. Toothpaste and mouthwash tablets that are manufactured in Sweden, developed in collaboration with dentists. In addition, with an obvious support for Keep Sweden Clean and One Earth One Ocean to contribute to clean oceans from plastic.

A green alternative

Sepide has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and dental industry. But in a commitment to the environment and the impact of everyday consumption on our oceans, she lacked a green alternative to the toothpaste tube. The result is Gumpearl. Toothpaste tablets and mouthwash tablets that provide good oral health, reduced environmental impact and also look good in the bathroom cabinet.

Gumpearl - Sepide Hajitaheri
Gumpearl - tandkrämstablett - munsköljstablett

Why choose Gumpearl?

The Swedish Dental Association recommends Gumpearl toothpaste tablets

Gumpearl is recommended by the Swedish Dental Association

Gumpearl toothpaste tablets contain the recommended amount of fluoride for adults and children (1450 and 1000 ppm respectively) and are therefore recommended by the Swedish Dental Association.


What stands between you and a more sustainable alternative?

To answer all your questions, we have saved some questions regarding Gumpearl, the products and our commitment to sustainability and environment. Everything from the story behind the name, to why you should choose dental care products with fluoride. 

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