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Gumpearl - good for you and good for the environment

Gumpearl has been developed with a single purpose, to offer a greener path to healthy and strong teeth in attractive packaging. The debate surrounding single-use plastic and its impact on our oceans is inevitable. Nevertheless, the plastic tube escapes the discussion every time.

Gumpearl gives you clean teeth and cleaner seas. Gumpearl contains no questionable ingredients, is packaged in attractive jars that are reusable, eliminates the unnecessary shipping of water for toothpaste, supports organizations that care about the ocean and is cruelty free.

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A greener way to Healthy Teeth

They usually say 'Many small streams'. But we have gone above and beyond to offer dental hygiene products that are durable without compromising on quality.

Instead of single-use plastic, Gumpearl toothpaste tablets are packaged in glass jars that are reusable. Since the jars can be refilled with new tablets or reused for other purposes, the glass jar stands for more sustainable consumption.

En grönare väg till friska tänder
Gumpearl - skonsamma ingredienser


A step towards a better habit and a better planet 👣🌏
We at Gumpearl protect both oral health and our planet and that our products are not thrown away unnecessarily or thrown away. We have therefore collected products that are edged, scratched on the label or have a short shelf life that there is nothing wrong with to be saved from being thrown away.
You get clean teeth, do a good deed and we don't have to throw away the products that are fully useful, simply win-win!

Without compromise

Toothpaste tablets are completely natural, ethically produced, vegan and completely free of palm oil, SLS, alcohol, sugar, gluten, milk, preservatives and plastic. Without compromising your dental health.

Not throwing trash in nature, that's good. Not using things that generate garbage is even better.

Gumpearl - utan kompromiss
Gumpearl - tillsammans för rena hav

Together for clean seas

Alone is not strong, but together we can achieve great things. Gumpearl supports Keep Sweden Clean and CleanSea so that together we can influence the climate in our oceans.

Gumpearl - återbruksvänligt glas

Reusable glass

Instead of the disposable plastic that toothpaste is packaged in, Gumpearl comes in glass jars. When the tablets run out, you can either fill up with new ones, or use the glass jar for other purposes. More recycling for the people, less plastic in the sea. 

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Keep Sweden Clean

Keep Sweden Clean works actively to eliminate littering and is a non-profit independent foundation founded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Returpack. In addition, the organization works in close collaboration with The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, which is a global initiative based on the Ellen McArthur Foundation and the UN Environment Programme. The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment works to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Gumpearl - Håll Sverige Rent


Every hour, more than 5 bathtubs of plastic wash up on Sweden's west coast.

CleanSea fights to stop ocean plastic from harming marine wildlife, and keep Sweden's coastline clean and beautiful!


Every piece of plastic CleanSea removes from the ocean could be the piece that saves a life. Removing 0.1 kilo of ocean plastic can, for example, save a seabird or 0.5 kilo can be enough to save a seal.


Read more on CleanSea's website. You make a life-changing difference to the sea's wildlife.

Gumpearl - tandkrämstablett - munsköljstablett

Through small changes in our everyday consumption, we can together make a big difference to the climate and the environment.

Gumpearl supports Keep Sweden Clean and One Earth One Ocean to be able to influence together in a common commitment.

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