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Gumpearl - tandkrämstablett - munsköljstablett


100% plastic-free toothpaste

Toothpaste tablets - Made in Sweden

Gumpearl - good for you and good for the environment

Over 20 billion toothpaste tubes are produced every year. That's a lot of plastic.The majority are never recycled. In Sweden today, millions of toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year.  This is because most toothpaste tubes to date have not been made from recyclable materials.

Gumpearl  is the only one on the world market that has oneSwedish production and the product comes in glass that can be reused year after year and bio-based re-fill bags that can be thrown in the compost. 

Gumpearl toothpaste tablets containfluoride andxylitol which provides effective protection against caries that cause holes in the teeth. The toothpaste tablets are free of palm oil, alcohol, SLS, plastic and microplastics and are the only ones in the world market that have production in Sweden. 

Three reasons to try Gumpearl

Good for your teeth

Because Gumpearl contains Fluoride and Xylitol for good oral health

Better for the environment

Gumpearl comes in reusable glass jars and refill bags made from 100% bio-based material. The glass jar can be used over and over again.

Good for the wallet

One can contains 1450ppm fluoride.  When buying a re-fill, brushing your teeth is up to 50% cheaper.


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